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Staying Healthy During Isolation

Staying in the right physical and mental shape during this time can be difficult. Personally, It has been a struggle for me on not only a professional level, but a personal level as well. As a media producer, the nature of my work is inherently unstable, and completing a project comes with a sense of accomplishment, and a tinge of uncertainty as to where my path will lead me next. 

So, I thought today I would share a few of the things I’m doing to cope, and make the most out of the predicament we currently find ourselves in. 

Mental Health

The first, and most important aspect of staying sane in the face of adversity, is mental health. When I feel stressed, I like to partake in a guided meditation. I am not one of those people who can just sit there and think about if a tree makes noise when nobody is there to hear it, and so it is helpful to have someone talk me through the breathing and relaxation that goes into getting into a relaxed state of mind. These meditations typically last for ten minutes or so, and I always come away feeling refreshed and relaxed. A quick google search for guided meditations will reveal a plethora of options, and usually adding your keyword of choice after that key phrase will yield specific results for your needs. 

While we are on the topic of breathing, if you are feeling overwhelmed, just remember to breathe! Does that sound like bullshit? Well, it usually is. Which is why I will offer a sound breathing technique and do away with the vagaries. Take a deep breath in for four seconds. You should feel it in your diaphragm, and not your upper chest only. Hold the breath for a seven count. It doesn’t need to be seven seconds per se, dont pass out. Exhale deeply for an eight count. Rinse and repeat, I guarantee this will chill you out. 

These two activities are my go to for relaxation, but if you are really having a problem and feeling hopeless, talk to somebody. I have been a counselor for Seven Cups, which I think is a tremendous resource for free online counseling. 

Physical Health

Exercise is your friend. Even when I am not stressed to the levels I have been as of late, it is probably the best outlet for stress, and actually make me feel better most of the time. If you are stuck at home, there are tons of workouts you can do with just your body weight, and I’m not going to go all gym guru on you here. Just remember to use common sense when looking up fitness advice online, and don’t do anything stupid. A good place to start is this book, and go from there.

Proper diet is just as important as proper exercise, and it is all to easy to slip into unhealthy eating habits at a time like this. Fat is good (not too much saturated fat). Carbs are good (try to have fiber with your carbs). Basically, eat your veggies and try to avoid too much junk. Here are a few things I like to supplement my diet with as well:

-Raw garlic

-1200 Mg Omega-3 fish oil

-Probiotic/prebiotic pearl

-Once daily multivitamin

The multivitamin might not do anything but turn your pee yellow, but in my experience it keeps things moving in the digestive tract, and that is never a bad thing.


Keeping yourself occupied is also important. I am taking this opportunity to flesh out the ideas for projects I have always been talking about, but never visiting seriously. I am working on my online coursework for my upcoming media series. I am spending quality time with my fiance. All these things are small joys that often get overlooked when dealing with the daily grind. 

If you like video games, you are in luck at a time like this. I enjoy playing PS4, as well as 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles, and brushing up on tutorials for the various content creation tools I use. 

Maybe you never learned how to whistle, or fart with your armpit…the point is, if you have this time, do something with it besides ruminating on how the world is going to end. and for the love of god, stop watching cable news. 


Stay safe during this time, and thank you to all essential workers who are continuing to be an inspiration to all of us. 


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