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Welcome! Message from A.J.


Hello! And welcome to Picture Canyon Media! I’m glad you found our website, and have taken an interest in what it is we do. Wait a minute, what exactly is it that we do?

Picture Canyon Media offers strategic media based business solutions. What we are trying to do is disrupt the media production and business consulting industries by vertically integrating the two! Through my experience working as a media director for an education technology firm, I realized that without communication between strategy and implementation, a precious opportunity is lost.

The cohesion between planning and execution is a must in a professional media environment, but many organizations are short staffed, underfunded, and generally incapable of handling the demands of such a comprehensive media strategy. This is why I decided to build Picture Canyon Media: a one stop shop for strategy, planning, and production.

I hope that we can work together. I hope that we can create a user experience that connects your product or service to your customer base in a meaningful way. I dream of a world absent of the archaic witch-doctor-esque obscurity and trade secrets. A world that thrives on the openness of media services, without the red-tape that plagues so many creative processes.

Thank you,

A.J. Diederich

Founder, Picture Canyon Media

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