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What’s the point of Strategic Media?

Today, I wanted to take a minute to address the value in creating content that has meaning beyond acting as a conduit to sales conversions.

Have you ever wondered how you can leverage the power of media to improve your current business situation? Every day, sales are made, clients are gained, and money is made through business solutions powered by audio, video, print, and digital media. Yet, few organizations take full advantage of this growing trend in the modern business landscape.

It is no secret that all content is transactional to some degree. Even large scale entertainment projects are driven by a bottom line, and it’s generally understood that clients expect content to produce tangible results in their marketing and sales efforts.

Developing content in the current media landscape requires a level of strategy and tactics not currently employed by most media production companies. As a result, content is often shallow and fails to resonate with the intended audience.

With this in mind, it is vital to provide not only first class content creation, but also act as a resource to understand the most effective way that content can impact clients, customers, and end users.

If only it were this easy.

So how does that help media producers develop effective material? Well, in my experience the best way to do this, is to find something that the audience can relate to. It is a tall order for someone on the more technical side to get into that ‘ad exec’ head space, but that is exactly what I am suggesting is necessary to stay viable in a modern media landscape.

As producers, we must have vision. We must strategize with the client at the point of an idea’s conception, and be digital gurus that will guide our clients through the maze of media rich content. We are creatives, marketers, and technologists all at the same time.

So next time you are working on a project, to improve upon the final result, think like an executive. Give yourself license to be creative and drive the point home to the audience that the message or product you are promoting will actually make a difference in their lives. I will add that this must be done with some level of tact, lest you create another ‘head on’ or ‘snuggie’ commercial.

We’re better than that people.

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